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For Builders & Investors

Whether you’re an expert or novice investor or builder, when you partner with Catherine, you will be working with a professional who has custom built her own homes, as well as managed multi-million dollar construction projects. Catherine can provide the level of professionalism and expertise you need when evaluating properties for both short and long term return. 

Catherine understands managing schedules, budgets, allowances and will both educate and guide you and consumers through the home building and buying process. With over 20 years of residential and corporate realty experience, combined with her exceptional professionalism and knowledge of construction, Catherine will work with you to develop and execute a sales strategy that is sure to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction and results for your bottom line. She will guide you through the complexities of investment properties, presenting you with a clear picture of the opportunities available to you and which ones are best suited to your investment strategy.

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