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Marketing/Listing Process

In today's competitive real estate market you need an experienced and motivated real estate advisor and advocate to achieve your real estate sales goals and objectives. As a full-time, results-driven REALTOR® who continually strives for excellence, Catherine is committed to marketing and, more importantly, selling your home based on your goals and expetctions. She acknowledges with high regard and utmost respect that you have entrusted what is perhaps your largest financial investment with her.

Catherine provides her clients with the technical expertise needed in today's competitive real estate market to differentiate your home from the competition and manages your home sale from start to successful finish to make the home selling process a professional and enjotable experience. Effective at communicating, marketing, negotiating and selling real estate, her diligent work ethic, reliability and integrity will hopefully guarantee your satisfaction.


As you should be selective about which REALTOR® you hire to sell your home, Catherine too is selective about which clients she represents. She values a successful performance record and invests substantial up-front marketing expenses into getting your home marketed and sold. Since REALTORS essentially work on a consignment basis, she evaluates which "inventory" she believes is marketable and limits it accordingly so that she services and meets her clients' goals and expectations for selling their property.

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