In the New Hampshire single-family home real estate market the “median prices have continued to climb rapidly, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the inventory crisis. Most recently, 2021 saw the year-end median price land at a record-high $395,000 — an 18 percent jump over 2020 and a staggering 96 percent increase in 10 years.” (NHAR Market Data)

In comparison, the year-end median price of a single-family home in Rockingham County was $500,000 and in Hillsborough County it was $412,500.

Take a look below at the median sold price of a few southern NH towns in Rockingham and Hillsborough County to see how your town and home may compare – or – if shopping for a home, the median price may provide an indication of which towns may provide you with more options and ‘more home for your dollar’ and to, thus, focus upon.

Median Sold Price of a Single-family home – Percent Difference between 2020 and 2021.

Which town saw the highest % increase? Which one town saw a % decrease?

  • Highest % increase: Seabrook at 24.5%
  • Lowest % increase: Plaistow at -1.4%
Town20202021% Difference
Atkinson$462,000$550,000 19.0%
Bedford$515,000$615,000 19.4%
Chester$459,950$536,000 16.5%
Danville$435,000$472,385 8.6%
Derry$364,500$425,000 16.6%
Hampstead$450,000 $515,000 14.4%
Hampton$490,000$592,250 20.9%
Hudson$387,000$451,000 16.5%
Hollis$578,000 $695,000 20.2%
Londonderry$430,000 $525,000 22.1%
Nashua$352,000 $400,600 13.8%
Pelham$499,000 $599,000 20.0%
Plaistow$426,000 $420,000 -1.4%
Salem$411,750 $489,950 19.0%
Sandown$373,500 $440,000 17.8%
Seabrook$436,000 $543,000 24.5%
Windham$599,400 $684,000 14.1%

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2021 Median List-to-Sold Price, Single-family Homes:

And if your curious as to what each town yielded for a percentage above asking price see the chart below for the 2021 Median ‘List-to-Sold Price’ (the list price of a home compared to the sold price)

  • Highest % increase: Hampstead at 6.7%
  • Lowest % increase: Windham at 0.7%
TownList PriceSold Price% Difference
Atkinson$524,900$550,000 4.8%
Bedford$595,000$615,000 3.4%
Chester$509,900 $536,000 5.1%
Danville$453,000 $472,385 4.3%
Derry$399,900 $425,000 6.3%
Hampstead$482,450 $515,000 6.7%
Hampton$582,000 $592,250 1.8%
Hudson$430,000 $451,000 4.9%
Hollis$689,000 $695,000 0.9%
Londonderry$499,900 $525,000 5.0%
Nashua$389,900 $400,600 2.7%
Pelham$575,000 $599,000 4.2%
Plaistow$411,500 $420,000 2.1%
Salem$474,950 $489,950 3.2%
Sandown$430,000 $440,000 2.3%
Seabrook$515,000 $543,000 5.4%
Windham$679,000 $684,000 0.7%

Number of Single-family Homes Sold in 2020 vs. 2021

And lastly, how many homes sold in each of these respective towns? And was there an increase or a decrease?  New construction home subdivisions may influence the number of homes sold in a town.

  • Highest % increase: Hollis at 23.1%
  • Lowest % increase:  Chester at -24.4%
Town20202021% difference

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Note:  Information believed to be accurate however not guaranteed.  Source of data NEREN/Paragon and  NHAR Market Data. (see article and link at bottom for “year-over- year data”)